Installation of a new sump pump and the removal of the old obsolete rusty one with a high angle view of the pumps, pit and pipes

Why Sump Pump Maintenance Is Important

A sump pump can be a valuable item to have in your home. It might not seem like much, but it plays a vital role in keeping your home and your belongings protected from water. Since you rely on it to be efficient when there’s a potential water issue, it’s important for the sump pump to be regularly maintained. Otherwise, there could be a major problem at your place. Since we can get quite a bit of rain with the storms that come our way in Richmond, you should be mindful of this.

Sump Pump Maintenance

How much your sump pump will work for you is dependent on several factors, including the location and layout of your house and the terrain around your neighborhood. For instance, some of us live in low-lying areas while others live on hills, and some Richmond residents have unfinished basements while others have fully finished walk-out basements. Whether or not your sump pump is used frequently or not, it’s a good idea to have your sump pump checked at least annually, if not several times a year.

At Assure, we have a professional and skilled team that’s ready to assist anyone in the Richmond area with sump pump maintenance. We can send out a plumber to your place to ensure that everything is working properly. During this visit, we’ll check a number of things, which could involve:

  • Making sure the sump pump is upright
  • Cleaning the pump inlet screen
  • Ensuring that the float ball can move freely
  • Checking the GFCI electrical connection and circuit breaker
  • Inspecting the check valve and cover
  • Clearing the discharge pipe of any obstructions

There are two other things we can also do. If you’re a new customer, we’ll assess whether the size of your sump pump is appropriate for the job. In the past, we’ve been called out to homes where the sump pumps were undersized and, as a result, couldn’t do their work effectively. If there is an issue regarding this, we’ll be sure to discuss possible solutions with you.

The other important job is to make sure that your sump pump can actually pump water. We’ll dump water in it to make sure the motor is working, and that water can discharge properly.

Let Us Take Care of It

If water ever comes your way, you’ll be glad to have a sump pump. As long as it’s working correctly, it can save you from a lot of potential trouble. There are many things that can be done to keep up the condition of a sump pump. Call us at Assure for assistance.

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