What Is Wrong With My Septic System?

Having a septic system at your Richmond home is not a lot different than being on a municipal sewer system until something goes wrong. Then you are on your own to figure out the problem or call your trusted plumber to correct the issue. And until that happens, you can be very limited in your water usage in your home. But for the most part, there are two primary types of issues that septic system owners face, system malfunctions and system failures. And we will take a look at each and what could have created your septic issues.

First, Spotting The Problem

With a septic system, you are on your own for water and waste disposal instead of simply passing it along to the sewer system. And when there is a problem with your septic tank or lines, the issue is often discovered when you find leaking sewage in your yard. The hazards of leaking human waste are genuine and include contamination from bacteria and other undesirable organisms. In addition, you need to be very careful about contaminating your property’s soil, well, streams and other waterways, and even drainage ditches. So the moment you notice a foul odor or soft spot in the ground covered in bugs, it is time to call in the professionals.

System Malfunctions

A system malfunction in your septic equipment is very hard to detect. You have no way of knowing or monitoring what is happening inside that tank, and the leech pipes extend out into your yard. Typically, these malfunctions are the result of poor or improper maintenance or operation. For example, you could have a water leak in your home that is flooding the septic tank, or you forgot to have the tank pumped out. The only way most homeowners discover these malfunctions is when they progress to a system failure.

System Failure

This is when things get messy and stinky. For example, you could find that your toilets are no longer flushing or that sewage is gurgling up from the top of your septic tank. And in the worst cases, that sewage is backing up into your home. At the first sign of any issues, it is critical that you call (540) 507-2904. A Assure Plumbing & Septic professional will arrive quickly to locate and correct any clogs, damage, or other problems in the septic system to get it functioning again.

What You Should Never Do

When you see or step in an issue from your septic system, it can be tempting to take a look at the tank and try to figure out the problem on your own. That is precisely what you should never do. There are hazardous gases and contaminants inside the tank that you should never go near. These jobs are better left to the pros at Assure Plumbing & Septic.

Our team will get your septic system back to a healthy and functional waste disposal system and provide you with tips on keeping it healthy and safe for your property. One of the essential pieces of advice we offer to all of our customers is to schedule regular professional inspections. Our experts will look at the tank and equipment, your property and water flow, and the capacity of the tank to determine when it will require a pump-out or any other service to keep it functioning flawlessly.

We have been assisting septic system owners for decades and know that this system is a bit unique to many new homeowners in the area. But with just a little care and some solid tips from our experts, you can have a perfectly functioning septic system and no worries of issues, leaks, or contamination.

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