Top Reasons to Invest in a Sump Pump for Your Home

If you live in an area that takes on water when levels rise, it’s a good idea to have a sump pump. This system works to remove water from an enclosed space, like a basement. If you don’t already have a sump pump installed, here are some of the top reasons you really should consider doing so.

Protects Against Household Flooding

The most significant advantage of owning a sump pump is that it will protect your house from flooding. As rainwater starts to pour into your basement, it will make its way to the sump pump pit. Your sump pump will then pump the water back outside so that it doesn’t completely flood the upper levels of your home. There’s no denying the fact that water can create a significant amount of damage in a short period of time. This is why it’s so important to have a sump pump in your basement if you live in an area that’s susceptible to flooding.

Reduces Mildew and Mold

If your Richmond, VA, basement is constantly damp, it can quickly lead to mold and mildew. Anyone that’s ever had this problem knows that mold and mildew can grow very quickly. Before you know it, mold and mildew will take over your entire basement. They not only are harmful to your respiratory health, but they can also damage the building materials in your home. Having a sump pump installed by our professionals at Assure will keep your basement dry.

Boosts Your Property Value

If you plan on selling your home in the future, investing in a sump pump is a great idea. It can help to enhance your property value as a new potential homeowner can see that you’re effectively protecting the home from damage. Not having a sump pump in your home when it’s susceptible to flooding can easily deter potential homebuyers from purchasing your home.

Reduces Risk of Electrical Fires

While it’s easy to get lost in the thought of water damage when it comes to flooding, another type of damage that your home can undergo is an electrical fire. When water gets into your basement, it can short out the circuits via your electrical panel or outlets. This can result in an electrical fire that can cause significant damage to your home.

Prevents Pest Infestations

If you’ve ever spent time in a cold and damp basement, you know that it’s a breeding ground for unwanted pests and rodents. These types of creatures thrive in damp environments. By investing in a sump pump, you can ensure that your basement stays dry and free from unwanted insects and rodents.

If you’ve been on the fence about investing in a sump pump for your home, hopefully, you’re convinced that it’s a great investment for all of the reasons that we went over above. It’s time to call our team at Assure to get a new sump pump installed in your home so you can protect your biggest asset from water damage in the future.

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