Tips to Avoid a Costly Winter Plumbing Leak

5 Ways to Avoid an Expensive Plumbing Leak During Winter

Winter weather can put a major strain on your home’s plumbing system. Pipes are at risk of freezing and bursting when the temperatures drop. The extreme temperature change can also cause a leak. Fortunately, there are five things you can do to avoid an expensive plumbing leak

1. Take Measures to Insulate Pipes That Are in Vulnerable Locations

If you have any pipes that are in vulnerable places, such as the garage, basement or crawl space, then you need to insulate them. There are three ways you can insulate your pipes. You can use insulation sleeves, insulation foam or heat tape. If you decide to use heat tape, you must follow safety precautions. To ensure the insulation is done correctly, contact a professional plumber to apply the heat tape.

2. Insulate Your Hot Water Heater

In addition to insulating your pipes, you must also insulate your hot water heater. During the winter months, the hot water heater must work harder to keep the water hot because it is competing with the cooler temperatures. It is estimated that the temperature in hot water heaters can drop as much as 25 degrees. To insulate your hot water heater, you must procure a special blanket to wrap around your hot water heater tank. This special blanket can insulate your tank and keep the heat from escaping. You must also insulate the pipes leading to your hot water heater. You can insulate these pipes in the same way you insulate your pipes that are in vulnerable places.

3. Drain and Shut Off Water Valves That Lead Outdoors

Pipes and valves that lead outdoors are the ones that are at severe risk of leaking, bursting and freezing. This is because there is water that sits in these pipes. To prevent damage to these pipes and valves, disconnect the garden hoses, drain all the water out of them and shut off the valves.

4. Schedule Leak Detection Services

Scheduling leak detection services will enable you to find any existing leaks and fix them. Existing leaks can also be responsible for winter plumbing problems, so it is best to find and fix these before the temperatures drop. Leak detection allows you to find invisible leaks that are hidden inside of walls, in ceilings and beneath floors.

5. Have Your Home’s Plumbing System Inspected

In addition to scheduling leak detection services, have your home’s plumbing system inspected. A plumbing inspection will enable you to find any small plumbing problems and resolve them before they become major catastrophes. Our plumbers will find corroded or rusted pipes and replace them. Corroded and rusted pipes are most at risk for leaks.

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