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The Hidden Dangers in Your Water Supply

When you turn on your water tap, you expect to see clear water coming out. You probably don’t expect to pick on strange odors or see flecks in your glass, but this can easily happen in Richmond, VA due to the particles in the water source. Richmond often tests its water supply for common contaminants, but there is no guarantee that the city will find them all. Once you see some of the hidden particles hiding in your water, you’ll want to install a water treatment system.

What Is in Hard Water?

Whether you live in one of the historic homes in Richmond or a newer suburb, you may suffer from hard water. Hard water has a lot of dissolved minerals inside it, including magnesium and calcium. Those deposits leave marks behind on your clothing as well as your dishes. You may find that it creates scale buildup on your faucets and taps or it forms clogs in your pipes.

Water Contaminants

Even if you have soft water, you may still have some contaminants hiding in your water. These contaminants range from lead and arsenic to silver and uranium. Many come from the fertilizers and pesticides that local farmers use on their crops. The chemicals can easily leech into the groundwater and spread through the city. Richmond treats its water supply to remove most contaminants but often misses some. You can test your water before installing a water filtration system to get an idea of what is in it.


Microparticles, such as MicroPlastics, can also affect your water supply. This term refers to tiny particles made of plastic. They are often found in beauty products such as scrubs you use in the shower and lotions that remove dead skin. There are also microfibers, which are similar but are made from fabric. When you use a microfiber cloth to clean your glasses or counter, a small amount of the fabric comes loose and can enter the groundwater.

Waterborne Diseases

There is also a chance that certain diseases might hide in your water. Known as waterborne diseases because they spread through this liquid, the diseases can cause vomiting and an upset stomach along with respiratory issues and skin rashes. E. coli can spread from a restaurant undergoing an outbreak through the water to nearby homes. Richmond has a major E. coli outbreak in 2018 that led to the recall of lettuce grown in the city. Typhoid fever, Hepatitis A, and Cholera are other examples of waterborne diseases.

Why worry about what is in your water every time you take a drink when you can treat that water on the spot? The best filtration systems will work on all of the particles hiding in your Richmond water. Contact Assure today to pick the right water treatment system and get it installed.

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