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The plumbing system in your home delivers clean, warm water when you need it. When something goes wrong, it can cause discomfort but also severe damage to your home. If you need plumbing work done, you need to go with a plumbing company in Richmond, VA that not only gets the job done but gets it done correctly. Assure Plumbing & Septic only provides quality work and top-notch customer service when you need a plumber in Richmond, VA.

Plumbing Services

We are local so you can be confident you are working with people who know and care about the area. They may even be your neighbors. Finally, we are fully licensed and insured. Just check our reviews to hear what people have to say about our work. We offer the following plumbing services in Richmond, VA.


Repiping Services for Your Home

The pipes in your home connect your house to the main water supply and help transport water throughout your home. When your pipes aren’t working, it can prevent your access to water or water quality. If a pipe bursts or shows a leak, it may even lead to damage to your home. Here are some signs of problems with the lines in your home:

  • Noisy pipes
  • Clogged pipes
  • Bad odor
  • Slow drainage
  • Gurgling toilet

If you notice any of these problems, you need a plumber in Richmond, VA. We can diagnose the problem and fix it. In some cases, your home may require new pipes, known as repiping. Be sure to talk to our plumber about repiping in Richmond, VA using insulated pipes and other methods that will keep your home environmentally friendly.

Water Heaters

Take Advantage of Our Water Heater Services

A water heater is a large device in your home that you depend on. You use hot water almost every day for showering and cleaning. When the hot water goes out, you will want to fix the problem as soon as possible. The most common water heater problems involve the water not getting hot or the water turning cold too quickly. If you need to call for water heater services in Richmond, VA, you have the option of a repair or a replacement. There are tankless options that may be more expensive but lead to better energy efficiency and save space. If one of our plumbers tells you that you need a new water heater, talk to them about your options and what works best for your needs. We can create a solution so that you have hot water whenever you need it.

Leak Repair

When You Need Leak Repair Services, We’re Here

Leaks happen to pipes all of the time. A leak does not necessarily mean that the whole home requires repiping. However, it definitely needs to be tended to. The problem will not fix itself or get better with time. In fact, it will only get worse. Some common reasons for a leaky pipe include:

  • Corrosion
  • Seal damage
  • High water pressure
  • Damaged pipe joints
  • Tree roots
  • Incorrect installation

The cause of the leak will determine how the problem will be solved. When you discover the source or cause of the leak, then you can call the professionals at Assure Plumbing & Septic to come make the necessary repairs.

Don’t listen to a leaky pipe any longer, and don’t find yourself stuck with a large water damage bill due to the leak. Call for leak repair in Richmond, VA today before the problem gets worse.

Sump Pumps

Sump Pumps and Ejector Pumps

Your sump pump is a device installed in the lowest point of your home, usually your basement, to prevent flooding. The sump pump will activate when you experience heavy rains. It will move the excess water away from your home, saving you the hassle of a flooded basement. You likely need a sump pump if you live in an area with heavy rain or snow. You may also need it if you have experienced problems with flooding in the past. You know there is a problem with your sump pump if you experience flooding. A plumber can come to provide sump pump and ejector pump services in Richmond, VA. We can also install a sump pump if you think that may help with any flooding you experience.

A sewer ejector pump is required when a laundry room or bathroom is located below the main water level. The pump works similarly to a sump pump, but it specifically handles waste and sewage. If your sewer ejector is acting up, you will need to call a plumbing company in Richmond, VA.

Water Treatment

Water Treatment and Filtration Services Available

The drinking water in your home needs to be clean and, unfortunately, most tap water isn’t the cleanest. If you notice that your water is yellow or brown, you need to have Assure Plumbing & Septic install or fix a water filtration system.

A water filtration system cleans the water in your home. The water from the main water line may contain sediment, chemicals, or other debris that you won’t want to drink. The filtration system removes these unwanted particles from the water. With a proper filtration system, you will be able to drink the tap water straight from the faucet.

There are different types of filtration systems. Some water treatment systems in Richmond, VA clean the water from the waterline. Other filtration systems filter the water from the faucet.

When you need a plumber in Richmond, VA, look to Assure Plumbing & Septic. You will be happy with the end results, and you’ll also be happy with the entire experience. We prioritize customer service and transparency. You’ll be sure to use us for your next plumbing needs, too, so call us at (540) 507-2904.

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