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Chris Lincoln
Chris Lincoln
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" Extremely pleased with my service. Assure plumbing answered my call right away and came out to my home same day! They solved the problem and were quick and clean about it. "
Amanda Stevens
Amanda Stevens
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" I couldn't be more pleased with my service. I've had such a headache over my leaking faucet for months. The plumber came out and fixed the problem with zero problems. I would highly recommend Assure. "
Thomas Marquez
Thomas Marquez
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" Very professional and reliable. I needed my water heater replaced with a new tankless unit and Assure delivered. They are the best plumbers I've received service from. "
Lauren Anderson
Lauren Anderson03/25/2021
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" One of the hardest things for me for the longest time has been to find a plumber with decent prices. Assure Plumbing has absolutely exceeded my expectations with their work and customer service. If you need a plumber Assure will not disappoint! "
Kevin Bradford
Kevin Bradford09/05/2020
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" Assure plumbing is by far the best septic service provider I've received service from since purchasing my home over a decade ago. If you need septic services, you call Assure. "

Plumber in Mechanicsville, VA

When you’re in need of plumbing maintenance, repair, or replacement, turn to Assure Plumbing & Septic for prompt service in Mechanicsville, VA. Our locally owned and operated plumbing company offers all of the plumbing services you need for a safe and comfortable home. When you choose us as your plumber in Mechanicsville, VA, you’ll benefit from our

  • Fast service
  • Upfront and honest pricing
  • Professional staff
  • Licensed and certified plumbers

No matter what type of plumbing service you need, we’re here for you. Our goal is to complete every job to your satisfaction.

We Deliver Professional Repiping Services

If you’re adding onto your home, remodeling, or making upgrades, you need a reliable plumbing company in Mechanicsville, VA for repiping. Repiping a whole home is a considerable project, and we’ll minimize disruption to your routines. With new pipes in your home, you can enjoy faster drains, improved water pressure, and more peace of mind. You may need repiping in Mechanicsville, VA if your home had a major leak or you’ve made an addition, and your current pipes lack sufficient capacity. Our plumbers can also add pipes for a new outdoor water feature, swimming pool, hot tub, or anything else you have in mind.

Contact Us today for a licensed plumber in Mechanicsville, VA! Dial (540) 507-2904 now!

Count on Us for Dependable Water Heaters

There’s nothing quite like taking a long, hot shower or bath. You’ll also need plenty of hot water for washing dishes, cooking and cleaning. When you choose our plumber in Mechanicsville, VA to install a water heater, you won’t have to worry about a sudden cold shower. We offer tankless water heater installation as well as conventional tank water heaters. Our plumbers repair and replace old, leaky water heaters in Mechanicsville, VA. We also install water heaters with a bigger capacity. If you’re interested in lowering your utility bills, we’ll help you choose a new, energy-efficient water heater. We install a variety of water heater brands that supply all the hot water your household needs.

We Provide Thorough Leak Repair

Water takes the path of least resistance. When you see water stains on the wall or ceiling, that might not be where the leak is located. When you’re dealing with a suspected water leak in Mechanicsville, VA, the plumbers at Assure Plumbing & Septic will thoroughly inspect your home to find the source of the leak. We repair interior and perimeter water leaks on any level of your home. Prompt repair of water leaks is important in order to minimize damage to your home. We guarantee our leak repairs in Mechanicsville, VA, and we’ll work with you to ensure your home is fully restored to its pre-leak condition.

Trustworthy Sump Pumps and Ejector Pumps

A sump pump and ejector pump in Mechanicsville, VA is a critical way to protect your home from flooding. Several days of rain or an intense rainstorm could flood the lowest level of your home. A dependable sump pump or ejector pump removes that water before it can damage your home’s mechanical systems, foundation, walls, or flooring. We’ll calculate the capacity of the sump or ejector pump your home needs. We also offer battery backups for sump and ejector pumps. If you have a large basement or a furnished basement, our plumbers at Assure Plumbing & Septic may recommend two sump or ejector pumps to be placed in different corners of the space. This provides your home in Mechanicsville, VA with additional flood protection.

High-Quality Water Treatment and Filtration

There’s nothing quite like drinking a refreshing, clear glass of water. However, hard water plagues many homes. If you’re dealing with hard water and its foul odors, stains, and poor taste, water filtration and treatment are part of our plumbing services in Mechanicsville, VA. We offer recommendations for different types of water treatment systems in Mechanicsville, VA. Our water softener installations treat hard water in your home. Even if your home doesn’t have hard water, a filtration system may improve the taste and quality of the water you use for cooking and drinking. We offer whole-home water filtration systems as well as units for individual fixtures in your home. To learn more about the plumbing services offered by Assure Plumbing & Septic in Mechanicsville, VA, call us at (540) 507-2904 today.

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