Minor Plumbing Issues With A Bigger Meaning

All homeowners must understand which minor plumbing issues are just an inconvenience and which ones are a hint of a more significant problem. Many minor annoyances around your home can be ignored or repaired when you have the time for a DIY project. But below are five plumbing issues that might appear to be minor. However, they are not. When you discover these problems, it is time to call in a professional to avoid more costly and potentially hazardous significant issues in your home.

A High Water Bill

When you discover a sudden spike in your water bill, never ignore it. The most common cause of a sudden jump in your water bill is a significant water leak. Not only is the leak wasting water, but it could be compromising the safety of your home. A water leak can quickly erode the soil that supports the foundation of your home. Or cultivate potentially toxic black mold growth in the walls and floors of your home. Call in a leak detection specialist immediately to minimize the damage and cost of the repairs.

Low Water Pressure

Sure, low water pressure is annoying. But it can also mean that there is a water leak in your home or that corrosion is blocking the flow of water in your home’s water lines. Both of these issues can have a serious and costly impact in the future. A water leak can damage your home and belongings as well as foster mold growth. And as the corrosion fills your water lines, it can begin to break down the piping. This breakdown will lead to contamination of your drinking water and eventually more leaks.

Reoccurring Clogs

A clog once in a while is not a big problem. But when the clogs continue to reappear, there is a significant issue. Without professional drain cleaning and clog removal, you will soon be facing a flood of raw sewage and dirty water in your home. Never be tempted by the outlandish claims of chemical drain cleaners. They will do little more than cause damage to your drain lines. Only trust a pro to remove the clogs and provide you with reliable and warrantied work.

Small Leaks

Small leaks never stay small for very long. Even a dripping faucet can signify more severe issues like a damaged seal or fitting that will soon become a flood. High water pressure, mineral buildup, and corrosion are often behind these small leaks. If not properly repaired by a licensed professional, they will soon become significant leaks that are far more costly to repair. Address small leaks and issues while they are still simple and inexpensive to fix.

Loud Water Lines

Every home makes a few sounds from time to time. But when you are hearing loud rumbling or banging from your water lines, something is wrong. Most of the time, rattling and banging are due to a broken pipe hanger. Without the proper support, the pipe is banging against the structure of your home when the water is flowing. Over time, this motion can result in shattered pipes or fittings and a massive flood in your home. The other cause of loud pipes is water hammer which is an indication of excessive water pressure. Both of these issues are simple for a professional plumber to correct before they result in a flood in your home.

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