Critical Signs That Your Septic Tank Should Be Pumped Out

Having a septic system is not all that different than having your home’s drains flowing to a city sewer system. But there is more responsibility that falls to your shoulders when you are using a septic system. It is your job to monitor and maintain the system rather than leaving those tasks up to the municipality. However, with a bit of help from a reliable plumbing professional, your added workload includes nothing but making a phone call when it is time for your septic tank to be serviced or pumped out. Your licensed plumber will take care of all the potentially messy and challenging tasks. But making that call is a critical step in proper septic tank care.

Timing Is Everything

Your most important job as a homeowner with a septic system is ensuring that the tank never gets too full. Unfortunately, there is no magic or ideal time frame for this service. But once you determine a schedule for your home and the size of your septic tank, the process can be scheduled relatively easily. The variables you will need to consider are the size of the tank, the size of your family, and the activities in your home that consume water. Running the dishwasher, clothes washer, showering, and toilet flushes all contribute to the waste flowing into your septic tank. You simply need to monitor the first year or so and determine how long it takes your family to reach the limit on your tank. Then make a note for yourself for the upcoming year when you estimate you are reaching the tank capacity limit.

Pooling Water

If you discover water pooling around your septic tank, it is time to call in a professional to have the tank pumped out. Not only is an overflowing tank contaminating your yard, but it will also attract bugs and vermin. If left to continue to overflow, you will also damage the balance and health of the bacteria inside the tank that are responsible for consuming the solid waste. When that happens, you will need more than just a basic tank pump out.

A Smelly Mistake

As you might imagine, when your septic tank begins to overflow, there will be a specific foul odor that will invade your outdoor space. If you live in a dry area or the soil quickly absorbs moisture, you might notice the stench before you notice any standing water. However, it is important to remember that a properly functioning and well-maintained septic system does not emanate any unpleasant odor. So if you are smelling sewage, it is time to call in the pros before your problems grow into something much more messy and costly to repair.

Other Signs Of A Sick Septic System

In some cases, you will notice odd occurrences from your indoor plumbing before there are noticeable signs of trouble out at your septic tank. Some of these early indications include toilets that are slow to flush, sinks or tubs that are slow to drain, and gurgling sounds coming from the drains in your home. When you notice any of these hints of an issue, it is best to place a call to your plumbing company to take a look at your septic system for clogs, flooding, or problems with the leach bed. Being proactive is the best way to avoid a nasty mess in your yard and home, as well as costly repairs.

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