Plumber fixing an hot-water heater

5 Steps to Prevent Your Water Heater From Failing

The water heater plays an important role in your plumbing system and is essential for helping you have hot water throughout the day. Although water heaters are designed to last an average of eight to 10 years, they can have a shorter lifespan if they don’t receive the care and attention they need. Here are a few important steps to take to prevent your water heater from failing too soon on your property in Richmond, Virginia.

1. Adjust the Temperature

Adjusting the temperature on your water heater can prevent too much pressure from building up. The thermostat should be set at 120 to 135 degrees Fahrenheit instead of 140 to 145 degrees. You can still enjoy having access to hot water without causing damage to the solid construction of the water heater.

2. Schedule an Inspection

Hire a professional plumber from a company like Assure Plumbing & Septic in Richmond, Virginia to perform an annual inspection to determine if any water heater repairs are needed. The inspection will include tests and maintenance tasks to ensure it continues to remain in great shape over time.

3. Take a Look at the Anode Rod

One of the most important parts of the water heater is the anode rod, which can cause the water heater to fail if it’s not replaced at the right time. This part needs a good inspection every one to two years, depending on the age of the water heater. It should be replaced if it looks like it’s in poor condition. This part typically lasts an average of three to five years.

4. Drain the Tank

Although it can be easy to neglect maintenance tasks on your property and spend your time at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden or The Poe Museum, it’s important to set aside a day when you can drain the water heater. This needs to be performed each year to remove excess minerals and sediment that have built up over time. Some of the main signs it’s time to drain the tank is if you start to hear popping or knocking noises.

5. Test the Temperature and Pressure Valve

The temperature and pressure valve should be inspected every six months by turning the switch to see if water is released. If water isn’t pouring out, it indicates the water heater needs attention.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to prevent premature failure of your water heater, we can answer your questions at Assure Plumbing & Septic. Reach out to our professionals and use our services to improve the operation of the water heater on your property.

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