Young handyman check tap for leaking. He hold hand under it. Man stand in kitchen at sink. Toolbox and hose on desk.

4 Challenges Plumbing Professionals Often Encounter

Fixing plumbing faults is an intricate process that requires professional expertise. Plumbers must have adequate training and safety gear to avoid making fatal errors during the repair process. Here are four challenges plumbers encounter when repairing pipes and drains.

1. Troubleshooting Water Heater Issues

Homeowners need efficient water heating systems to complete daily chores and enhance home comfort. When the system breaks down in Richmond’s fall weather, it is up to our plumbers to find the fault promptly.

Water heaters can succumb to many issues, from leaky pipes to faulty valves. Also, the water supply in Richmond has significant quantities of minerals. Hard water can accumulate at the bottom of the tank, damaging its lining.

Additionally, there are safety risks plumbers face when fixing water heaters. Working near high voltage electricity can cause fires or electrocution. Our plumbers at Assure Plumbing & Septic in Richmond adhere to safety protocols when troubleshooting water heaters and other plumbing systems.

2. Fixing Hidden Plumbing Leaks

Leaks require a prompt solution to prevent flooding and microbial growth. The challenge for plumbers is to identify all the leaks and replace the pipes where necessary.

However, some pipes are hidden behind walls. A pinhole leak is all it takes to damage the drywall. Therefore, a plumber has to use cutting-edge tools to detect cracks in pipes that are out of sight.

Plumbers today can utilize heat scanners and acoustic equipment to find even the tiniest crack. A video detection tool is among the most precise ways to determine the leak’s source. That’s why it is crucial to consult professional plumbers for an inspection of your plumbing system. Otherwise, it is virtually impossible to pinpoint the location of the leaks.

3. Exposure to Chemical and Biological Hazards

Another challenge plumbers face is exposure to chemical and biological hazards. Plumbers often work in confined spaces with low oxygen levels. Boilers, sewers, and pipes may be in rooms with accumulated toxins that can pose a risk to one’s health.

The microbes and chemical compounds in wastewater can irritate the skin, causing burns. Some old pipes use asbestos for insulation. The dust and fiber can become airborne when replacing an outdated plumbing installation. Only a certified professional with the appropriate gear should repair and replace aging pipes.

4. Liabilities for Accidents or Injuries

Plumbers also face claims for accidents or injuries that occur in the course of their work. Mistakes can cause flooding, water contamination, and property damage.

Homeowners can avoid such challenges by working with a plumber with liability and worker’s compensation insurance. If an injury or accident happens on your property, the insurance policy will pay for the expenses.

If the pipes in your home are old and leaky, a replacement is often the best solution. You’ll need professionals with the right expertise and experience to perform a stress-free reinstallation. You can rely on Assure Plumbing & Septic for exceptional pipe replacement and other plumbing services in Richmond, VA.

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